I'm An Awesome Coach...

Thank you, Sabina, for providing insightful observations that enabled me to gain clarity and a new approach to the personal challenge I explored with you.

If you’re considering this service, I can recommend Sabina as a coach because she is generous, warm and intuitive whilst she holds space for others.  


I have had the benefit of coaching with Sabina on a number of occasions. She has a very warm presence, which allowed me to feel comfortable to explore my challenges and desired outcomes in a safe environment.

Sabina brings a lovely balance of support and challenge (in the best ways) which has helped me to see things differently, stretch my thinking, think about possibilities and source viable and transformative solutions.

Sabina is genuinely curious and through her questions and reflections, she has invited me to open up a world of exploration and possibilities, seeing links and connections that I previously hadn’t seen.

If you are considering coaching, I would highly recommend Sabina as an inclusive thinking partner. She will help you expand your horizons and achieve your goals.

Naomi Lockwood (FCIPD)

As someone who had just come out of maternity leave and taking a career change at the age of 40, I was feeling lost and having a coaching session with Sabina really helped with my confidence and moving forward with my plan.
The fear of change, being out of my comfort zone and uncertainty was creating blockers and affecting my motivation. Sabina helped me silence my thoughts of failure, gain clarity in my capabilities and coached me through making some real achievable goals. Sabina creates an empathetic space that feels genuine, safe and listened to but equally challenges you when needed.

Elizabeth Man

       This was the best coaching session I ever had!

                                                 Puren Ucar

“I feel like I know myself better. I’m better in tune with my self-talk, what drives me, what goals I have, and I can be much more intentional with my day-to-day actions.”

Dan Moore.

“Through working with Sabina I am becoming more confident to trust my instincts and to stop self-censoring, this has led to me dreaming bigger and trying to push through the moments I feel fearful, which is inevitably a part of achieving my career goals. We are still in the process but I can already see the change in myself and am getting more comfortable in not being perfect at things before I try. My sessions with Sabina have helped me to be more intentional about my relationships and behaviours at work but also in life. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future can bring!”

Nikki Keresztes.