About Me

I support people seeking change, to get clear on what they want and the limiting beliefs holding them back so that they can get out of their way and succeed. 

I’m the coach I wish I had when I decided to walk away from a 20-year career in Tech. I understand what it’s like to feel frustrated, knowing you want change but not sure where to start.

After some travelling and some career-shifting, I qualified as a Transformative Coach. The idea; to build-upon my existing skills to help others that might need a supportive, non-judgemental ear, in their search to listen to that inner voice they might be drowning out. I truly believe in the power of Coaching in helping people be who they want to be. 

My training is fully accredited by the ICF, EMCC and AC, the three leading professional coaching associations.


A little bit more about me, to help you decide if I’m the right coach for you.

  • I worked in Tech for 19 years, progressing through 6 different roles.
  • I was a woman in a predominantly male industry.
  • I might be described by some as geeky.
  • I’m passionate about diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging; this can be seen throughout my career from always being active in corporate DEI groups to being on Women in Tech panels to hosting inclusive social events and being on a committee for a LQGBTQ+ employee resource group because allyship is so important.
  • I know what it’s like navigating multiple worlds, trying to fit in. Be that culturally, socially or professionally.
  • I was deemed as successful professionally but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was in the wrong place, or that “I’d be found out”.
  • I progressed in my career in a search for credibility and worthiness, to then question it all.
  • I struggled with the conflict between my outward confident personality and my lack of inner confidence.
  • A personal bereavement caused me to consider what I really wanted, which allowed me the opportunity to move countries and change careers.
  • What else? I love a little bit of alliteration. I believe we all deserve Calmness, Clarity and Confidence in our lives.
  • Oh and I get excited when I see wind turbines.


If you’d like to know more, please do reach out so we can discuss how I can support you on your journey.